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News Archive - 2014/15

AGM 27 April 2015 Catholic Club

  • Meeting opened at 8.07pm
  • Apologies received from Gordon
  • Present: John H, John J, Jeff H (from 8.17pm), Jeff P, Ken, Lyn, Mike, Stan, Tony
  • Minutes of last AGM: Agreed
  • Captain's report: Brilliant!
  • Finances: Fucked (-£42). Sub for 2015-16 to be £15ish
  • Captain's yellow jumper passed to Jeff P for 2015-16
  • Stan confirmed as Hon Sec for 2015-16
  • Social Sec: John J thanked for 2014-15; John H persuaded for 2015-16
  • Roll-up 2 Jan 2016 at Salutation
  • End of season Awards Dinner 23 May 2016, venue tba
  • Meeting closed at 8.26pm

Score sheets link added

Following underwhelming pressure from no one and driven only by the intellectual challenge, the webmeister has provided links to match scoresheets.

How does he do it? Not as cleverly as he would like but it's better than nothing.

Fact finding mission to Australia

Mike has embarked on a no-expenses-paid fact finding tour of Australia to see how our down-under cousins handle German Kegeln nine-pin bowling.

Of particular interest is their training regime and whether or not guzzling straight from the tin confers advantage over the more sophisticated use of pint glasses by the Geordies.

Auto-update of league table

One or two minor problems because the TDSL page presenting tables changes subtly with each revision. Access to the TDSL file and extracting Division 5 are now cracked.

It is possible that occasionally the table may be blank or filled with rubbish as the TDSL site develops but hopefully I now have a relatively robust methodology.

Awards dinner pix posted

Prompted by the photographer to do something with the innumerable pix taken at our April Awards Dinner, the webmeister has done something.

Click on the link to relive the moment.

Link to more

All-in-Cup Round 1

Having succeeded in getting through the preliminary round we now face Skuttlers, a Division 1 team dreamt up by Benny Hill.

Their home alley is the Wheatsheaf and they play on Wednesdays so put 8th October in your diaries.

And it gets worse!

Having finished last season in second place, the powers that be have decided that the distribution of teams amongst the Divisions needs to be rationalised.

So Geordies remain in Division 5 despite having won promotion to Division 4.

Non-attendance at League AGM

Due to an oversight on the part of the Hon Sec, the Geordies have been penalised by the imposition of a £10 fine and 2 points penalty.

Needless to say the Hon Sec is grovellingly apologetic.