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News Archive - 2012/13

Going nowhere

Even if we lose our remaining 2 games and Alley Cats, Boozy Buggers & Sunseekers max out we will end up above the relegation zone.

So let's relax and enjoy.

January 2013 social now on-line

Candid pix. Say no more.

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Spin & fact 2

Geordies remain unbeaten by any team below us in the table.

Geordies are lying third from the bottom of the table.

Spin & fact 1

Geordies are undefeated in 2013.

Geordies have so far played only one game in 2013 and were victorious.

Ron Jenkins 1926 - 2012

Gordon's return

The captain came in from the cold and witnessed an impressive 7 pin victory over Tytherington British Legion, a team currently occupying a place near the top of the table.

Welcome back and long may your influence last.

Best yet but not enough!

Despite Jeff P pushing 40 (if only I hear him say) and the season's highest score on our home alley, we lost in the finishing straight to a stronger pair of anchors.

If we maintain the improvement, victory will be ours.

Low load training

Here is the long awaited premier of low load training, the regime that's set to destroy the ability of all skittlers who use it.

Just follow the link and prepare to be amazed.

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AiC 1st round

Having walked through the preliminary qualifier for the AiC , we are now away at Black Horse Thornbury versus Division 2 Villagers.

What chance avoiding fixture congestion?

Top Tips 5. Follow through

The follow-through of your arm after the release is important because it dictates the direction of the ball.

Most average skittlers cut their armswing short after releasing. In order to develop good follow-through remember to have your hand end up next to your right ear (for righties) or practice tapping your right shoulder with your hand.

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Fixtures for your diaries

Next season's fixture list is ready so put the dates in your diary.

New Year's Eve features again so probably little enthusiasm for anything other than a reschedule.

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Top Tips 4. Release

The release is probably the most important part of your game. Remember to always try to keep your palm facing upwards when releasing the ball. Your hand almost always rotates around the ball when your thumb releases.

Most skittlers do not understand how to make a ball swerve, it's not by "spinning"....it's by rolling end over end by staying behind the ball. (Note: need to think this one through before encouraging its use in the ninepin game.)

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