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News Archive - 2011/12

Catholic Club jinx strikes

Despite an epic 46 from the Captain and an allegedly low-load training enhanced 41 from Stan, Ship Faced were victorious.

Watch this site for more information on low-load training and the newly commissioned facilities at the Chiltern Athletic Sports Club.

Safely home

Even if we lose our remaining 3 games and those below us in the table win all, we shouldn't be in the bottom three!

Misfire against Miss-Hits

Another narrow defeat moving us ever closer to the relegation zone.

Four over 30 including a superb 37 by Gordon were sadly insufficient to offset a pair of 26s from Stan and John H.

Victory after a lean spell

Having lost the last four games the team turned in a creditable performance with Jeff P almost making 40 and the team breaking 180.

A RON of 0.75 is moving in the right direction but performance needs to be sustained.

Top Tips 3. Armswing

Try to hold the ball just outside your body when you set up. This stops your armswing from going inside/out, around your body.

As you start your swing let the weight of the ball dictate the speed of the swing as your arm acts like a pendulum exerting no force of its own.

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Stats at a glance

Fixtures, results and individual home and away performances on a single page.

Top Tips 2. Approach

Some skittling purists believe that a good 2 or 3 step approach is the way to go. Others believe that you should feel comfortable in ANY approach you take. Either way is OK as long as the ball and your feet arrive at the foul line at the same time. Your push-away is also critical to your game because it "sets" up your armswing and ball speed.

The next part of the approach that is very important and which most skittlers have trouble with is?

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Top Tips 1. Equipment

Choose balls to fit your hands, enabling a firm grip - not forgetting to let go at an appropriate moment.

Ensure the balls are bias free, i.e. perfectly spherical and made of homogeneous material. Fill pits, polish surfaces and oil lightly at the end of each season. Skim every few seasons to restore their surface finish.

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Floating like a lead balloon

Time to stiffen the sinews, tighten the sphincters, get our legs over, pull right back and follow through.

Otherwise we're in danger of descending into Division 6 from which there is no return!

Seven down - 128 to 1!

Six games in the wilderness and a skeleton Geordies crew were keen to show that it could be seven. And it was!

The odds against this happening are 128 to 1 suggesting that Geordies may be experiencing a dip in form rather than a run of bad luck.

Salutation roll-up

A full turn out and stiff competition saw the Geordies honing their skills on a distant alley with a quiz thrown in for good measure. See the throng, admire the stylish action on the alley and celebrate the awards ceremony.

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Announcing Geordies Gift Shop

We are enthusiastic about all things skittles and keen to share our monomania with everyone.

Skittles can play a major part in your life. Whether you are young or old there is something for you to relish or cherish or whatever. The gifts in our shop have been lovingly selected to ensure the widest range of choice. Something for everyone is our goal.

ParaGeordies scare Demons

With mandolin virtuoso Gordon thumbing his nose at adversity and plucky John H bowling left-handed after falling off a ladder and damaging his right arm while hunting mice, anyone could be forgiven for thinking that the match against Demons would be a lost cause.

It is to their credit that Geordies only lost by a narrow margin (narrow by their standards anyway!)

Pub crawl avoided

Forget me Knots were struck down by flu on 21st November and unable to contest their Front First Cup qualifier against us.

Amongst the possibilities investigated was a very early start at the Knot of Rope on 28th November followed by a stagger down the High Street into Castle Street to take on Alley Cats at the Catholic Club. Thankfully Forget me Knots graciously conceded the match thereby helping to moderate the Geordies' liquid intake.

Mind the Gap

A below par performance ended Geordies' golden run with defeat at the hands of Chiltern Rovers at the Wheatsheaf.

AiC elimination

Fixture congestion is almost a thing of the past as Saints played Saints to the Geordies Sinners at the Ratepayers Arms in Filton.

Knot of Rope

On what used to be home boards at the Knot of Rope, our memories of slim pins and slimmer pickings were revived. Chip butties provided welcome refreshment although greasy fingers proved hazardous.

League table at 21 October

Please note that a bias unrelated to match performance has been introduced into the tables this season. According to Rule 42, Demons, Rangers and High 5 have had two points deducted for non-attendance at the AGM.

Announcing bassmetrics

Bassmetrics is the specialised analysis of empirical evidence, specifically skittles statistics, that measures in-game perfomance and generates objective knowledge of the sport.

Why bassmetrics? Some may think that the new field is named after the Geordies favourite brew! Actually it's named after the acronym for the Bristol Association of Skittles Statisticians whose pioneering work has laid the foundations for this dynamic new field.

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Double whammy

Solid performances against Wags and Sunseekers restore our record with a RON of 1.17.

Although it was well past bedtime for most of the team, both Lyn and Jeff P scored 9s against Sunseekers and Jeff H was 1 short of the team's first 40 on its home alley.

David and Goliath

Roaring Twenties (Goliath) defeated by a narrow margin on a high scoring alley/pins/balls combination and Geordies (David in case there is any doubt) through to the next round of the All-in-Cup.

Only Gordon's 40 to clap but all bar Stan broke 30 to bring on a bout of fixture congestion. Needless to say the Harbottle slingshot played a key role in our victory.


You draw one, you lose two

Defeated by Widgeemakers last week and thrashed by Novas this week. Captain and players are secure but the board is considering the Manager's position. Sven's arrival is rumoured.

Home draw v Randoms

A scorching 38 by Gordon saw Geordies snatch a draw against newcomers Randoms.

AiC preliminary eliminator

A low scoring game with pre-season nerves playing a major role. Notwithstanding, Geordies triumphed over Munsters, exhibiting occasional flashes of brilliance despite a few wombles.

It would be invidious to mention the highest scorer in such a team but let's just say that Gordon sparkled. Lyn played a captain's game, but, perhaps overawed by her new role, her performance lagged behind her team leadership.

Dates for your diary

New Year social will be on Saturday 14th January 2012 at a venue to be announced.

End of season dinner will be on Saturday 28th April 2012 at a venue to be announced.