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News Archive - 2010/11

Notes from AGM

John H stood down after a stabilizing captaincy to be replaced by Lyn whose goal is to lead us back to Division 4.

Lyn stood down as Social Secretary. Ken has offered to collect the monies while a Social Secretary emerges.

Geordies AGM

Thursday 9th June at the Salutation, Ham at 8pm.

Agenda to follow, including finances, team performance, feedback from TDSL AGM, review of policies and procedures including those for equality and diversity.

End of season in 6th place

So TDSL have finally got round to publishing the results and we are in 6th place with a RON of 1.1.

Division 5 again next season but quite a few familiar faces will have moved onward and upward (or downward) and we start again with a clean sheet and an indeterminate RON (0/0).

Outside chance of promotion?

In 6th position with a RON of 1.17 after 24 games. Our last game against X8 6ers was a draw so the worst outcome possible would be to lose the remaining five games and end with a RON of 0.97...... so no risk of relegation.

It's an outside chance but if we were to win our remaining five games our finishing RON would be 1.27 and a return to Division 4 would not be an impossibility.


RON at 1.09 with one member of the team showing that our balls can be made to yield 40!

Now sliding

Down to 6th place with a RON of 1.05. Have we found our natural level yet?


Now in 5th position (alphabetically if not on pinfall) with a RON of 1.111111111

Division 5 table update

Geordies still lying in third place.

RON neutral

A steady performance against High 5 produced a win but was followed by an erratic show against Tytherington BL ending in an emphatic defeat. Overall 2 points from 2 games and that will do nicely if continued for the rest of the season.

League Position Prediction

Still lying 3rd, albeit with a reducing RON. Please note the discrepancy between the positions recorded on this site and those recorded on the TDSL site are intended. Geordies' site uses long-established ranking criteria. Goodness only knows what the TDSL rankers are using.

TDSL league tables

Misfired badly against Miss Hits with our lowest home score of the season but redeemed ourselves away against Wheatsheaf with our highest score of the season. So lost one and won one to hold on to third position with a somewhat reduced RON of 1.33!

13th December postponed

Tytherington BL have called off their match against us on Monday 13th due to more pressing engagements for several of their team - presumably their star players! Now rescheduled for the second slot on 17th January.

TDSL website ..

Clearly still work in progress but showing promise. Geordies shown as topping Division 5 but it may be because we are alphabetically before the other three teams in contention. Should we upload a team pic? Also note that TDSL needs an Equality and Diversity policy with few mentions of the opposite gender whose presence makes Division 5 most rewarding for the Geordies!

Half Price

Lacking captain John H, stand-in captain Jeff P and roll-back captain John J, the evenings events were overseen at first by roll-back-further captain Gordon. Roll-back John J arrived to see the Geordies in a commanding position and just in time to avoid playing anchor. Fifi must not be mentioned ever again.


Suffering from the absence of captain John H and stand-in captain Jeff P, Geordies were ably led by roll-back captain John J. Geordies enjoyed the stunning decor and welcome warmth in the newly refurbished Wheatsheaf alley to emerge victorious.

With 10 points from 7 games, the RON is 1.43!

Fifth in Five?

As one of seven teams with 4 points from 4 games, Geordies appear in fifth place. Since the table is sorted alphabetically it is probably best to assume that we are somewhere between 4th and 10th.

Fixture congestion eased

Despite a magnificent performance by the Hon Sec, Geordies graciously allowed Stone CC to progress to the next round of the All-in-Cup.

Annual Dinner May 2010

Captain John H resplendent in new strip at the Geordies annual dinner and presentation at The Pepperpot in May. Pictures of the event now on-line.

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Still in All-in KO Cup

Through the preliminary against Reidy's Renagades, fortified by Knot of Rope's generous helpings of buttered bread and chips!

League Position Prediction

Building on earlier work Ron Jenkins has shown that a performance figure (aka RON) of 0.75 will on average avoid relegation.

The same methodology suggests that teams seeking promotion should aim for a RON of 1.3.

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TDSL Website

Promised to be 'coming soon' is a website for Thornbury and District Skittles League.

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